How about your book?

Check this cool title for a book “The Paint – by – Numbers System to Write the Book of Your Dreams – Fast!"

The author Dan Janal gives a nice 'how to' on turning what could be a big task into a possible plan.

Janal says its important to select a type of book that aligns with your preferences and skills and maps out 5 different types of projects to help get you cracking…

1. If you’ve tweeted more than 140 times you might just have enough material to turn it into a book on a particular area

2. Do you blog? Check em? You could consider re-organizing them to position yourself as a ‘thought leader’.

3. Are you involved in speeches, interviews, podcasts, presentations or reports? Could pull the material from these for a book.

Janal says your traditional book is between 160 – 250 pages in length.

Before writing reflect on a genre. This will help you with your content and how you write it up.

Janal presents some nice genre options for you including:

1. Legacy – Write about your odyssey in your field

2. Tools – Write up your vision to persuade others to get interested in your cause

3. Proof – Got a hypothesis you tested? Write up the results and present the stats and/or studies

4. How to – Do you know how to do something that you could write up as guidelines or instructions for your readers?

5. Process – detail a method for a particular process and show the research that backs this.

6. Training – write up a reference guide or resource that helps with a course or class

7. Fictional – use your creativity to elaborate on principles

8. Inspiration – write a book that seeks to inspire and motivate your reader

Anything there trigger?

Which genre would you pick + what type of project best suits you?

“Few things are worse than having a great idea locked inside your head. You need to share your message with the world.” (Janal)



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