Horizons need steps

What I’m gonna share is perhaps going to sound counter intuitive…

Drum roll.

To play big we need to consistently play it small.

And those are not my own words either…

Here is a variation of that from Ryan Holiday, author of ego is the enemy…

“If you want to be more than a flash in the pan, you must be prepared to focus on the long term. We will learn that though we think big, we must act and live small in order to accomplish what we seek. Because we will be action and education focused, and forgo validation and status in their pursuit, our ambition will not be grandiose but iterative—one foot in front of the other, learning and growing and putting in the time.”

Imagine something of decent size you could accomplish today or tomorrow? Now break it down into sub-routines even if just mentally in your head. Now break those sub-routines down into steps and micro steps, minutes and seconds.

What needs to happen in a string of consistency to knock down that thing?

See yourself in the picture.



p.s. new horizons need continued steps

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