Hope for the future

How hopeful are you?

As in, how much do you believe in the possibility of tomorrow and your capacity to do something about it?

Check this out…

“The character strength of hope has to do with positive expectations about the future. It involves optimistic thinking and focusing on good things to come. Hope is more than a feel-good emotion. It is an action-oriented strength involving agency, the motivation and confidence that goals can be reached, and also that many effective pathways can be devised in order to get to that desired future. Hope and optimism have significant positive consequences for well-being and health. Hope can be directed toward future accomplishments, future relationships (current relationships or new ones), and community-wide or global concerns. Hope is anchored in the present, in the understanding of where things are now, but is sailing toward the future. When others focus on the negative of a situation or respond with indifference or pessimism, a person high in hope is able to provide another perspective and to base those views in a solid, realistic foundation.

Hope is highly correlated with other character strengths linked with well-being. In particular, the relationship between hope and zest is the strongest of any two character strengths. Where zest is the application of positivity to the present, hope is the application of positivity to the future. Hope also tends to be related to gratitude and love. The warmth, appreciation, and energy inherent to these strengths means others find them particularly admirable.” (Ryan Niemiec and Robert McGrath)

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