Honour your Journey

A book that hit me like a lightning bolt right between the eyes while I was in senior undergrad was “Man’s search for meaning” by Victor Frankl.

I was beginning to dig deeper into my cross-cultural history, part of which had strongly intertwined with systemic racism, discrimination, colonisation, forced removals and so much more.

At that time what I was seeking were perspectives and wisdom from across the globe from those who had encountered, experienced and navigated such adversities directly.

Victor Frankl writes that:

“Everything can be taken from a person but one thing; the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

It’s that last part there, “to choose one’s own way” which I found critical.

Choose your way (easier said than done right?)

We are fortunate right now to not live in an era such that Frankl and many others around the world (even those we know) experienced.

It does not take away from the unique, personal and real experiences that are before us all now to lesser or greater degrees.

It’s more to say that it’s quite possible that you are now in a world of possibilities far more resourced than they have been in previous generations.

You may see those areas and people around you that still need so much more resources, right?

Honouring your journey as a Student of Potential is going to increase your capacity, not only for you, but others too.

Adapted slightly here from Frankl, some food for thought:

“What a person actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of them. What is needed is not the discharge of tension at any cost, but the call of a potential meaning waiting to be fulfilled…”

Frankl goes real deep in his book.

Go Deep.

With Arete,


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