Hit your own pace

I got mates that can run circles around me on the treadmill and on the promenade. Mate, they are fast and they are fit…

And then there are some areas where I’ve just leaned into it more and love that more.

Guess what?

I don’t’ care nor really do they! We all just really enjoy doing our own thing and sharing the journey.

I’m impressed and inspired by their dedication and fitness for sure, but I aint’ trying to be no carbon copy of them nor vice -versa.

We’ve learnt to hang out and work out in a shared space even if we are doing different routines and intersecting at different points, each with their own unique approach.

Whether it’s on that front or others…check this out

“Find out why you’re after what you’re after. Ignore those who mess with your pace. Let them covet what you have, not the other way around. Because that’s independence. That’s contentment.” ~ Ryan Holiday

You got a pace for your potential?

Then run that.

You don’t need this message or a book or a few steps in a once-off program to tell you

exactly how to do it. Just your own.

Sure, some inputs may help you with clarity.

In the end though its uniquely up to you to choose to define, discover and develop.



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