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Highlights in your day

I’ve recently had some real highlights.

Amongst them?

Here’s a simple one…

Spent an entire afternoon in sun and shade just hanging out with friends and family. Absolutely fabulous.

And then?


Very relaxing with some real highlights.

Check this out…

“We believe that focusing on these in-between activities—in the space between goals and tasks—is the key to slowing down, bringing satisfaction to your daily life, and helping you make time. Long-term goals are useful for orienting you in the right direction but make it hard to enjoy time spent working along the way. And tasks are necessary to get things done, but without a focal point, they fly by in a forgettable haze.

Plenty of self-help gurus have offered suggestions for setting goals and plenty of productivity experts have created systems for getting things done, but the space between has been neglected. We call this missing piece a Highlight.” (Knapp)

What’s a highlight you’ve had recently?

When’s another one coming up?



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