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Highlight of the day

Wanna make more time to totally crush it daily and express your potential?

Have a gander at this perspective from Knapp and Zeratsky…

“The first step is choosing a single highlight to prioritize in your day. Next, you’ll employ specific tactics to stay laser-focused on that highlight. Throughout the day, you’ll build energy so you can stay in control of your time and attention. Finally, you’ll reflect on the day with a few simple notes.”

Quick recap

Highlight = “Start Each Day by Choosing a Focal Point.”

Laser = “Beat Distractions to Make Time for Your Highlight.”

Energize = “Use the Body to Recharge the Brain.”

Reflect = “Adjust and Improve Your System.”

Which if these you currently doing?

What would you need to do differently in your day + when in order to implement these four (if you want to)?

With Arete,


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