'High 5' every step

With a team of awesome colleagues we recently connected with an amazing group of courageous university students who were seeking to overcome all kinds of unique challenges and pressures as they entered their second semester.

Whether rocking a degree or something just as meaningful outside of the classroom stress can be part of the deal. So learning how to appraise and deal with stress is both a reflective and continuous process.

Leading researcher and author Crum has found that how we perceive stress can make all the difference. Crum points towards two ‘Stress Mindsets’ including…

1. Mindset 1: Stress is Harmful

2. Mindset 2: Stress is Enhancing

Whatever the peak is you are ascending right now choosing to embrace the challenges that come with the journey can help you perceive and experience the stress in a unique and meaningful way.

Here is how Crum puts it…

“Everyone has an Everest. Whether it’s a climb you choose, or a circumstance you find yourself in, you’re in the middle of an important journey. Can you imagine a climber scaling the wall of ice at Everest’s Lhotse Face and saying, ‘This is such a hassle”? Or spending the first night in the mountain’s ‘death zone’ and thinking, ‘I don’t need this stress”? The climber knows the context of his stress. It has personal meaning to him; he has chosen it. You are most liable to feel like a victim of the stress in your life when you forget the context the stress is unfolding in. ‘Just another cold, dark night on the side of Everest’ is a way to remember the paradox of stress. The most meaningful challenges in your life will come with a few dark nights.”

Take a moment to think about what kind of person you want to be in the future + think about what kind of positive impact you want to have on the people around you or society in general. How will further learning in ‘school, college or university’ help you be the kind of person you want to be, or help you make the kind of impact you want on the people around you or society in general?

Now, next time you see the step in front of you…smile and take it on. If you feel so inclined...'High 5' it!



p.s. remember to share your journey. There are people ready to back your corner every (easy + difficult) step of the way.

p.p.s. think of how many thousands of awesome steps you have taken already to get to this point. That's alot of 'high fives' to catch up on!

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