Hide and Seek

I’ve been really fortunate to have who are in my view top authors in their respective subjects review my works.

When I first wrote and released the first edition of ‘Becoming a Student of Potential’ in hard copy, Richard Koch, author of the 80/20 principle reviewed it and gave some stunning 80/20 insights and questions.

He provided a layout for what he liked and what he didn’t which was really candid, useful and straight talk style + a proposed way forward.

I was so grateful to receive that many years ago and still am.

I’ve interfaced a good number of times with Richard over the years and to this day the application of the principle he describes (the 80/20 principle) originally posited by Pareto, remains as a very useful tool amongst tools in the development of Potential.

Here are some insights from his first book ‘The 80/20 principle’:

About 80/20

“20% of what do we leads to 80% of the results; but 80% of what we do leads to only 20%. We are wasting 80% of our time on low – value outcomes.”

80/20 thinking

“80/20 thinking requires, and with practice enables, us to spot the few really important things that are happening and ignore the mass of unimportant things. It teaches us to see the wood for the trees.”

80/20 hide and seek

“The few things that work fantastically well should be identified, cultivated, nurtured, and multiplied.”

80/20 pursuits

“Pursue those few things where you are amazingly better than others and that you enjoy the most.”

80/20 activities

“Whenever you spot a 20 percent activity, run to it, surround yourself with it, immerse yourself in it, patent it, make yourself its expert…”

So, time to play hide and seek, pursue, engage and reflect.

Totally worth the time and energy to think about those areas that mean a lot to you more strategically.



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