Heightening your focus

When your rocking your potential how single minded are you?

You focused only on the task or practice at hand or are there other distractions?

“…imagine listening to a conversation on one subject while writing an e-mail about another, or trying to participate in a meeting while scanning the headlines. Or don’t imagine it; just remember the last time you did it.

It may feel like dividing your attention between two simple tasks is a relatively easy thing, but the cafe experiment reveals that switch-tasking is expensive. Every time you move from one window to another on your computer or move from reading your e-mail to listening to a conference call, your mind has to spend energy. By some estimates, you can lose several working hours every week to these moments, which come at exactly those times when you want to be most productive. You also make more mistakes when you switch-task.”

(Soojung-Kim Pang)

When’s your next chance to go distraction free?

With Arete


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