Hardwire through practice

A couple of years back I remember watching an interesting short doccie online about Tim Feriss learning to do horseback archery in under a week.

One of the scenes showed how he had deconstructed the core skills required into repeatable action.

To hone in on holding the bow and shoot, he literally practiced hundreds of times over.

An extreme example yet reveals something important.

“Repetition has a bad reputation. We tend to think of it as dull and uninspiring. But this perception is titanically wrong. Repetition is the single most powerful lever we have to improve skills, because it uses the built-in mechanism for making the wires of our brains faster and more accurate.” Coyle

Whats a skill or goal you have that you seek to actualize?

List the skills that are needed.

What’s the practice sessions that you need to repeat over and over?



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