Hacking versus Potential

Linkner who wrote the book ‘Hacking Innovation’ said “Hacking is imminently accessible no matter your age, race, rank, gender, education, background or political views. Hacking is the great equalizer.”

Imagine hacking your potential?

What could you achieve?

Here are some fundamental practices from author Linkner. I’ve adapted the tactics to illustrate how they can quite nicely connect with your potential and possibilities.

10 x Fundamental Hacking Practices

Linkner says that Hackers call upon 10 tried n tested methods as they develop their potential including:

1. “Brute force” = you could use undeveloped approaches and just sheer will and relentless drive to develop.

2. “Social engineering” = you could increase the quality of your connections and relationships with those around you to explore and discover new possibilities.

3. “Crowdsourcing” = on the way to developing your potential their may be problems that come up. Leverage your interface with the public and community and don’t be afraid to stand up and challenge ‘experts.'

4. “The Exploit” = when looking at existing systems that promote potential for you in some way look for the gaps in knowledge and assumptions and crack them wide open to create something new.

5. “Borrowing” = transfer concepts and ideas from other disciplines and adapt them to your own potential and possibilities.

6. “Deconstruct” = got a process that it is currently holding you back from your potential? Deconstruct it, break it down, rebuild it a new and become aware of the parts you want to change, introduce and remove.

7. “Agile bursts” = launching an intense period of focused single-mindedly short time block in order to solve an immediate problem.

8. “The Reverse” = look for the non-obvious routes to develop your potetnail. Those avenues that perhaps others cannot see, ignore or reject. Opportunity and potential may lurk there.

9. “The Mashup” = Combine two or more existing areas to make something new. A fusion of potential and possibilities through unique combos.

10. “Working Backward” – consider a wildly innovative and big idea already completed and work backwards from the ‘mental end result’ through to steps required to get there. Sequence backwards from ‘end product’ to first small step.

“Hacking is not evil by nature. It is a systematic approach to overcoming obstacles and discovering new possibilities.” (Linkner).

Be systematic then in overcoming obstacles to discover your potential.

Any of the above hacking principles that you could use towards your potential right now?



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