Hack your Potential

Life hacks have become quite a buzz word over the years. Short cuts and all that. Moving past that let’s dive a bit deeper into some useful perspectives from author Linkner who wrote the book ‘Hacking Innovation’.

Below some key points + how we can use em in relation to our potential and possibilities….

Linkner says there are five key premises to ‘hacking’:

“Every barrier can be penetrated” – As a student of potential imagine holding the believe that every problem can be solved if you pose a lot of questions, test and learn.

“Compasses over maps” – As a student of potential imaging trying, adapting, failing, reflecting, improving + repeating on the way to next levels. Not following another person’s path but creating your own.

“Nothing is static” – As a student of potential imagine being aware of the continuous need to be creative and innovate, remaining never static nor stagnant.

“Quantity is a force multiplier” – As a student of potential imagine testing a multitude of possibilities intensively, collecting data on your potential and sifting through what works and what does not. Trying not only one solution but many possibilities and being willing to chuck out what does not work and refine and reinvent frequently to get to more informed decisions.

“Competence is the only credential that matters” – As a student of potential imagine being aware of important demographics such as race, gender, age, class, education and more and yet not being bound by any of those definitions to the point that you let them hold you back.

Hacking then is not a short cut but from Linkner’s perspective a set of core principles that allow you to hack what could otherwise remain as limiting levels of belief and performance.

Your job then is to hack your own potential.

There are no short cuts to that…just, in the end your own tried and tested methods applied directly to your own context of potential.

Define, discover and develop.



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