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Imagine the power in habituating some of your key practices towards your potential.

What could you do to make it that bit easier?

Check this out…

“In life, employing If-Then implementation plans has helped adults and children control

their own behavior more successfully than they had imagined possible. If we have these well- rehearsed plans in place, the self-control response will become automatically triggered by the stimulus to which it is connected. (‘If I approach the fridge, then I will not open the door’; ‘If I see a bar, then I will cross to the other side of the street’; ‘If my alarm goes off at 7 a.m., then I will go to the gym’). The more often we rehearse and practice implementation plans, the more automatic they become, taking the effort out of effortful control.” (Mischel)

What’s an If-then implementation you could introduce?



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