Habituate your assets

I remember first coming across the words assets and liabilities in a concrete way in rich dad, poor dad. The reference there was directly in relation to financial investments and what we think mature and grow over time and what actually end up being liabilities.

We can similarly apply this to our potential.

What are some assets you have?

That is, those areas of your potential that you continue to invest in, such that the dividends on them will pay a good return on investment over the long haul.

For example, an asset might be a real good study habit or practice you got going on like reading for 15 minutes every day, or stretching at the end of an afternoon.

Whatever it might be, it’s yours to continue to invest in, allow to appreciate and grow and watch contribute towards you mastery.

Will require regular deposits (actions) from you consistently over time but they will literally pay off.

What are some assets (good habits of potential) you got going on?

What’s an asset, or two or three (habits) you could start installing over the long run (that you want to?), for e.g. drinking 2 litres of water per day – leading to increased vitality perhaps.

You name it, you COMMITT to it and you create the asset.



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