Growing your self control capacity

How would you rate your discipline?

Regardless of rating ever considered in a kind and constructive way that there is room to incrementally improve it?

Think for a moment what a flourishing and thriving day would look like if you had epic self – discipline….

“If you want more self-control, you can get more. And you get more self-control the same way you get bigger muscles—you’ve got to give it regular workouts. Recent research has shown that engaging in daily activities such as exercising, keeping track of your finances or what you are eating—or even just remembering to sit up straight every time you think of it—can help you develop your overall self-control capacity. For example, in one study, students who were assigned to (and stuck to) a daily exercise program not only got physically healthier, but they also became more likely to wash dishes instead of leaving them in the sink, and less likely to impulsively spend money.”


What‘s one tiny action of self control you could exhibit today?



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