Grit requires practice

I’ve been very fortunate to have studied grit over years amongst hundreds of students. Regardless of the number of journal articles read, surveys conducted, focus groups analyzed and on it goes… there is one thing that cannot be taken for granted…

Practice + application.

The study of a thing alone unless put into practice remains theoretical.

Did hundreds of hours of reading and research on grit translate into being grittier?


It’s the hundreds and thousands of hours you rack up in practice, application and testing that counts.

Check this…

“What is grit, really? It’s a word that’s been used to describe everything under the sun, but it means something specific: when things get hard, you push harder; when you fail, you get back up stronger; when you don’t see results, you don’t get discouraged, but you just continue to pound away day, after day, after day, with relentlessness, consistency, heart, and passion—that’s grit.” (Bergeron)

When things get hard, what could you do to keep going?

Dig deep, not just in theory, but practice too.

That’s where the rubber hits the tarmac.

With Arete,


P.s. it’s okay to feel fatigued and it’s okay if you don’t always get it right. Make a decision to rest up and then keep going.

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