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Grapple to grow

When you think about short term gain versus long term reward what’s your take?

Check this interesting perspective out from Vaden…

“So, counterintuitively an easy life in the long term comes from the sacrifice of completing more difficult tasks here and now. But the paradigm-shifting insight and breakthrough that successful people have made that many others have not is that often these more difficult activities are only necessary for a short amount of time.

Which brings us to the Pain Paradox of decision making that states the short-term easy leads

to the long-term difficult, while the short-term difficult leads to the long-term easy. The great paradox is that what we thought was the easy, what looks like the easy, what seems like the easy way very often leads us to creating a life that couldn’t be more opposite of easy. And inversely the things that we thought were most difficult, the challenges that appear to be the toughest, and the requirements that seem most rigorous are the very activities that lead us to the life of easy that we all want.”

What’s worth grappling and struggling with for you now such that over time it will get easier?



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