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Graduating as a Wildly Important Goal

"The discipline of a WIG (Wildly Important Goal) creates laser-like focus, and it creates the sense of urgency that's required to drive progress. But the discipline of a WIG also creates simplicity. When you identify the one thing that is truly most important, you can say no to everything else."

This quote is from the book "The Four Disciplines of Execution" and it highlights the importance of focus and simplicity when working towards a goal.

For you as a university graduate (to be), this means identifying the one thing that is truly most important, such as graduating with a certain GPA or earning a specific degree, and making that the primary focus of your efforts.

This will help you to say no to distractions and unnecessary activities, and to stay focused on what is truly important.

Imagine the day you graduate. See it.

Now...what is truly important to you today?

With Arete,


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