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Graduate...Day by Day

It was only at the age of approximately 65 years old that my Father enrolled in University to pursue a life – long dream of studying towards a degree.

My Father grew up during apartheid South Africa and was not given the opportunity or accessibility to University.

This inspired him to travel across the world to see cultures and countries that interacted differently.

After raising us and seeing us through our own educational journeys it was his turn again to try.

Try he did, sitting front of the class, flourishing, engaging, absorbing, learning…

Just close to 70 years old he graduated with a life long dream realized of attaining a degree.

Tom Butler – Bowdon author of “Never too late to be great” says:

“You have much more time than you think to achieve your goals…”

…“A longer time horizon allows you to take in your stride the lead times that inevitably must pass before you can make a mark and to put obstacles into context.”

In an educational and learning context research is demonstrating the importance of thinking long yet playing small (towards the long term).

At any age the learning process can be tough, challenging and with obstacles that seem insurmountable…sometimes to the point of wanting to give up and yet as Tom says…

“Most of us are given not just a second chance, but possibly a third or even fourth to succeed at what we really want to do.”

Maybe you are facing some obstacles on your path right now…

“Are you perhaps too focused on thinking big when in fact you should be thinking small? Do a small thing right, and growth will almost take care of itself.” (Tom Butler-Bowdon)

When my Father received the acceptance letter to University he was ecstatic. We all were.

When my Father graduated from University at close to 70 years old he was inspired. We all were.

When he was on the university journey he was enthusiastic and yet it was a continuous road of defining, discovering and developing. He took it one day at a time.

Over to you now. In whatever your working towards.... by day.



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