Climbing the extra mile

When I first set sail solo to embark on a ‘dream’ of studying psychology overseas I parted ways with my folks at the airport. As a parting gift my Father gave me a year planner which upon arriving in Cape Town, I opened to a front-page handwritten quote from him that said

“Nothing Happens Unless First a Dream.” (Carl Sandberg).

What kept me going over the long run was knowing that I needed to go the extra mile regularly to hone the craft.

As the saying goes….

“Its never crowded on the extra mile."

Each time I’d gear up to study (and for other areas) I’d have this quote at hand:

“The heights of great people,

Reached and kept,

Where not attained by sudden flight,

But they while their companions slept,

Where toiling upwards in the night.”

You might face a choice today…

Distraction(s) vs. climbing (the extra mile).

If there is a peak ahead you need to reach…


If there is doubt. Let it out (with someone who cares) and then...CLIMB.

Even if it means finding the next foot hold.

Bottom line...CLIMB.

More Climbing…More Potential.



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