Going further

Ready to go further?

If so check this perspective out...

“We must go further. Beyond evaluating our current life experience and becoming clear as to whether or not our days’ efforts are meaningful to us, we must set a new and more productive course for our lives.

What will our mission be from this moment forward?

What will be our plan of action?

What steps must be taken?

These questions are not a philosophical suggestion. We should sit down now with pen in hand and write out the focus and direction of our lives from now forward. Lacking our own declarations and directives in life—written down, reviewed, updated, lived from—we can only fall into the herd. We end up where ‘they’ take us, where they want us, wherever the wind blows us, regardless of our hopes and intent. Such a life is not one we want.” (Burchard)

How much further do you wanna go?

With Arete


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