Go Deeper

When you’re learning to swim it’s useful initially to wade in the shallows and get used to the water.

Yet when you know how to swim you gotta go deeper.

Here’s the thing… you already know how to ‘swim’.

The problem?

You may still be inclined to keep to the shallows…

Shallow Work: Noncognitively demanding, logistical-style tasks, often performed while distracted. These efforts tends to not create much new value in the world and are easy to replicate. In an age of network tools, in other words, knowledge workers increasingly replace deep work with the shallow alternative—constantly sending and receiving e-mail messages like human network routers, with frequent breaks for quick thits of distraction.” (Cal Newport)

You wanna grow? You wanna hit your potential?

You cannot and will not get there by remaining in the shallows and doing ‘noncognitively demanding tasks’.

At some point the ‘water wings’ need to come off so you can define, discover and develop through the ‘depth’.

Gonna be hectic. Sure!

Gonna be scary. You bet!

Gonna get tired. Yep!

Yet how can you expect to stretch your potential by splashing around in a kiddies pool of activities that you’ve outgrown?

Time to go deep.



p.s. you may splutter as you learn to tread water and go deep but keep at it and you’ll soon strengthen those possibility muscles. Gotta hop in first though! You can do this.

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