Go as far as you can

There is a great YouTube clip of Will Smith talking about being on a treadmill and the level of commitment he would put into that to keep going.

When I first saw this I thought, ‘wow’, and also almost automatically thought how rare.

Yet hold the phone here.

Is such a level of commitment only in those we see around us?

Is it not also a quality you have and can develop towards your own potential?

Of course it is!

Check this…

“My experience taught me that grit is definitely not a quality reserved for the select few; it is available to anyone who wants something so badly that they won’t let anyone stop them until they’ve gone as far as they can, often achieving or coming close to that which they sought.” ~ Caroline Adams Miller

What do you really really value that is unique to you?

Are you prepared to not let what anyone says or does stop you?

Are you willing to go as far as you can to achieving it or coming close?



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