Given your potential permission

How often do you give yourself permission to rock your potential?

Are you putting that first, above all else or are you still perhaps rocking someone else’s vision most of the time?

Sure we all have people, processes and duties we are deeply connected to.

Yet in all of that where’s your compass pointing?

“It really isn’t about time management; it is about self-management. And as I started to research and ask, study and observe exactly how it was that these people were going about spending time on things today to give themselves more time tomorrow, I discovered that the most successful people in the world have all given themselves one big thing that the rest of us have not...


Specifically, they have given themselves five permissions that the rest of us have not. It is those five permissions and the frameworks they use to determine when to employ them that enable them to do what no one else can: multiply time.” (Vaden).

Here’s how Johnson summarizes Vaden’s work.

“The 5 Permissions! Here they are:

1. Eliminate: The Permission to Ignore.

2. Automate: The Permission to Invest.

3. Delegate: The Permission of Imperfect.

4. Procrastinate: The Permission of Incomplete.

5. Concentrate: The Permission to Protect.”

How many permissions you got active? (Vaden)

Which one’s need work?



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