Getting Stronger through Stress

‘Give me stress, I need the practice’. That’s a line from Loehr.

You said or thought a line like that recently?

Chances are you ain't. It’s counter intuitive.


Check this out.

“Chances are you have already suffered some hard emotional knocks. You may feel you’ve paid your dues in this regard. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. More emotional pain will come into your life—and mine, too. The only question is when.

A major life crisis is simply a massive dose of stress. If your range of coping is quite limited, a sudden life crisis can swiftly push you beyond your limits into the gray zone where people do destructive things to themselves. That’s why it’s important to always consider yourself in training to get physically and emotionally stronger.

Keep in mind that the question is never if rough times will come, but simply when and what they will be. In a real sense, every day of our lives represents another opportunity to get tougher and to expand our capacity for coping. I urge you to put this concept to work for you: ‘Give me stress, I need the practice.’” (Loehr)

Stress than, from Loehr’s point of view is that it offers you an opportunity to get stronger.



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