Get inspired + move!

After a nice evening play time in the pool with the family, it was lights out early. Gone!

When I awoke and got on my feet, I felt rested + it was shy of 3 am.

I spent the first hour since awake reading, reflecting and just enjoying the opportunity to cultivate clarity and inspiration.

I then spent some time wrapping up some weekly wonders for the week – highlights of some favourite moments in a journal and then geared up for some martial arts training.

In all that, not once was I thinking about which social media site or email to get on board with…at all.

Check this…

“When you wake up in the morning, whether you slept for five hours or ten, you’ve had a nice long break from the Busy Bandwagon …This is a golden moment. The day is fresh, your brain is rested, and you have no reason to feel distracted yet. No news items to stress about, no work emails to stew over.

Savor it. Don’t reach for email, Twitter, Facebook or the news right away. It’s very tempting to do a check-in first thing in the morning and get the latest updates; after all, something in the world always changes overnight. But as soon as you fire up that screen, you start a tug-of-war of attention between the present moment and everything out there on the Internet.

Put it off. The longer you postpone the morning check-in—until 9 a.m., 10 a.m., or even after lunch—the longer you preserve that feeling of rested calm and the easier it is to get into Laser mode.”



p.s. once up, get inspired and move!

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