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Get back on the horse

This can be a scary question to ask but let’s do this.

What happens if you fail?

Really...think about that a sec.

If you don’t make the ‘cut’, ‘grade’…you name it.

Asking and even playing that question in your mind can perhaps evoke negative affect and anxiety and even fear.

Hold your horses…

That could just be an initial flight or fight response kicking in.

Imagine despite the feelings, having the courage to move forward anyway.

Take a moment and check this out (slightly adapted)…

“Once an individual has a philosophy, they should be ready to answer the question ‘What if I fail?’ They should understand that over the span of a lifetime, the only lasting failure is the failure to try….appreciate the opportunity to find out what you can do with your life and career.” ~ Dr. Bob Rotella

So what if you fail?

What can you do afterwards to get back on the horse and try again?

Other’s know you can…

You know you can.



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