Genius Future

“Genius appeals to the future” (Emerson)

Definition of Genius?

Here’s part of it…

Genius = “exceptional intellectual or creative power”

Here’s the kicker.

You totally have genius.

Maybe its well developed. Maybe it’s in progress.

Bottom line.

Don’t matter the level it’s at. What matters is where you’d like to take it.

If genius goes hand in hand with the forging of future then it’s worth considering some future casting questions.

Let’s assume you build up a strong baseline of sturdy habits of potential.

Now from that place imagine this…

What would you do during a ‘good’ day that would contribute towards your potential?

Think about next year...

What would you love to achieve?

Be far reaching but also realistic here (something more or less within your control and baseline effort).

What could you achieve if you navigated obstacles that came along, overcame each one and kept going?

What could you achieve in a future year?

“Genius appeals to the future” (Emerson).

You have Genius.

And you have a future.

How cool is that.



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