Gaming your Year

Author, Malcolm Gladwell has a great story that illustrates how an 'underdog' can lean in and leverage what they've got.

This one relates to 'Full Court Press'.

"... Ranadivé decided to coach his daughter Anjali’s basketball .This was National Junior Basketball - the Little League of basketball. The team was made up mostly of twelve-year-olds...

...Nicky, Angela, Dani, Holly, Annika, and his own daughter, Anjali, had never played the game before.  They weren’t all that tall.  They couldn’t shoot.  They weren’t particularly adept at dribbling.  ... Ranadivé knew that if they played the conventional way—if they let their opponents dribble the ball up the court without opposition—they would almost certainly lose to the girls for whom basketball was a passion.  ...Ranadivé came to America as a seventeen-year-old, with fifty dollars in his pocket. He was not one to accept losing easily. His second principle, then, was that his team would play a real full-court press, every game, all the time. 

The team ended up at the national championships. “It was really random,” Anjali Ranadivé said. “I mean, my father had never played basketball before.” Urban defines full court press as:  "... to agressively put the moves on, ...To not give up on trying to get someone until you actually get them."

Think about full court press in relation to your studies ...

You may perceive them bigger than you?!

There not! Not really!

Put the moves on...and dont stop trying till you get it.

Like Ranadivé's daughter, there are no set characteristics you need. Just do you! As you continue to give it all you've got, answer this...

What's your full court press 'game' for the year? 

With Arete,

Sean Gladwell is the  author of Blink, Outliers, The Tipping Point, David and Goliath and What the Dog Saw. Check out Gladwell on

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