Gamify it

I’ve been very fortunate to be working off the bat with a one year coaching program set up Brian Johnson at

Lots of learning and application along the way.

One of the handy take away’s I got from him that which works like a gem is ‘make a game of it.’

The example he gave was to tidy up with his kids as fast and fun as possible.

This one works an absolute charm, especially with our three year old.

Somehow gamifying it has has us all on our feet scrambling to pick up the most toys.

(Also very useful to let em win, for obvious reasons)!

Check this out…

“In my many years of coaching people (including coaching myself) games are the absolute best and most effective route to inspired action. They get me out of the stands and onto the field of play.” ~ Steve Chandler

What’s a game you could apply to an aspect of your potential today or this week?

Make a game out of it.

You’d be pleasantly surprised.



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