Gamify It

I love games.

Especially boardgames and one’s that make ya think.

There’s one game that is always worth playing.

The one with you + your potential.

Check this out…

“When you have high self-esteem you are in competition with the only person it makes sense to compete with—yourself. Life then becomes a game, and all the things in life that were bothersome become challenges and part of the game.” ~Josè Silva and Burt Goldman

What Silva and Goldman are saying here is find ways to turn the challenges you perceive and experience into games.

That’s right.

Gamify it.

As you play your game how can you level up?

If you miss a ‘turn’ what can you do to roll doubles on the next?

At every moment you’ve got a choice to respond or react. To take it too seriously or game it and laugh.

Your potential responds best when you do.

Play it.



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