Future - casting

Looking to increase your well – being and future casting muscles at the same time?

Check this out from Professor Lyubomirsky…

“….one that has been empirically shown to enhance well-being is the original Best Possible Selves diary method. To try it out, sit in a quiet place, and take twenty to thirty minutes to think about what you expect your life to be one, five, or ten years from now. Visualize a future for yourself in which everything has turned out the way you’ve wanted. You have tried your best, worked hard, and achieved all your goals. Now write down what you imagine. This writing exercise in a sense puts your optimistic ‘muscles’ into practice. Even if thinking about the brightest future for yourself doesn’t come naturally at first, it may get there with time and training. Amazing things can come about as a result of writing.”

So why not give it a bash?

Grab a diary or notebook + sit somewhere quiet + take 20 – 30 mins.

During that time...




Let those possibility muscles GROW.



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