Fusion with your potential

A life long close friend of mine and I have had many many conversations about the term IKIGAI. The Japanese term that literally translates into the reason for waking up.

We have discussed this over very many early mornings filled with grit and inspiration.

Just the time taken to reflect on even some of the surrounding principles such as, what are you good at, what does the world need, what do you value and more, you start to have very worthwhile and momentum building conversations.

Such conversations can, if followed through with commitment, lead to increasingly unfolding possibilities.

“In your dream job, you want to find the ideal intersection between joy, money, and flow— and you’ll get there by meeting people’s needs and providing real solutions.” ~ Chris Guillebeau

It’s very very easy to fall into the trap of a ‘dream job’, being a once off, all you can eat buffet.

Nah, mate. You gotta earn it and what I mean by that is you gotta, as Cal Newport says, build up enough career capital so you can move into adjacent possibles.

Let’s not ‘sell’ dreams here.

If you think that reading one book, or attending one workshop, or even this small minute read alone is gonna propel you from step one to step complete…think again.

This is not to discourage ya..

On the converse.

To really encourage you to play it long, committed and gritty.

Find the intersections…reflect, converse and get continuously better at what you do and love doing.

That’s where the fusion is.

What do you love doing?

How is it, or could it be of value?

How could you get crazy good at it?



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