Fundamentals everyday

How well do you move?

How well do you sleep?

And finally how well do you eat?

“If you eat, move, and sleep well today, you will have more energy tomorrow. You will treat your friends and family better. You will achieve more at work and give more to your community. It all starts with making decisions like *tomorrow* depends on it.”

What would better movement, sleep and eating look like for you in your context?

What would you need to add + what would you need to reduce?

“New research shows that tackling multiple elements at the same time increases your odds of success, compared to initiating a new diet or exercise program in isolation. Eating, moving, and sleeping are even easier if you work on all three simultaneously. These three ingredients for a good day build on one another. When these elements are working together, they create an upward spiral and progressively better days.” Tim Rath

Eat, Move, Sleep…better.



P.s. we ain’t talking about perfection or all or nothing here. Just crank it up a little on each bit by bit and if and when you have a setback or don’t adhere to your plan, get back on the horse with the learning. This ain’t meant to be a guilt trip. Just a journey between you and these fundamentals…your’s for the taking.

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