Fun ways to move

We have not really spoken too much yet about 'fitness' and when we do let's keep this one in mind...

"If we force ourselves to exercise in ways that feel bad, we'll likely feel depleted and even stressed from forcing ourselves to do something that deep down we didn't want to do."

That comes from Dr. Segar, author of the book 'No Sweat'.

There is a nice string of words in the book worth a ponder....

"...moving in enjoyable ways every day..."

Dr. Segar gives a useful acronym 'M.A.P.S.' to bring to the party.

M = Meaning

A = Awareness

P = Permission

S = Strategy

Our role is to answer each of these in our own enjoyable version of movement.

What are some of the fun ways you like to get up and about?

More (fun) Movement, MORE POTENTIAL,

with ARETE,


p.s. I'm not 'active' in marathon running but some of my mates are. I love sprints. So rather than force myself to do what they do, I do what is enjoyable for me instead + on the movement front we connect on fun ways to move through 'games n walks.'

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