Front Step it

How would you rate your ability to stick to something you care about and are interesting in developing over the long term?

Professor Duckworth has coined a term to describe this…Grit.

Grit = ‘passion and perseverance towards the attainment of a long – term goal”

Let’s hone in on the passion element for now.

At first glance when looking at the word passion it can seem a bit obvious

Yet here is how Duckworth puts it...

“What I mean by a passion is not just that you have something you care about. What I mean is that you care about the same ultimate goal in an abiding, loyal, steady way. You are not capricious. Each day, you wake up thinking of the questions you fell asleep thinking about. You are, in a sense, pointing in the same direction, ever eager to take even the smallest step forward than to take a step to the side, toward some other destination. At the extreme, one might call your focus obsessive. Most of your actions derive their significance from their allegiance to your ultimate concern, your life philosophy. You have your priorities in order.”

So instead of side stepping your potential when it gets ‘boring’ or ‘tough’ why not…

Small step your potential.

Less side steps (distractions or alternatives) and more front steps, no matter how small.



p.s. when you side step (avoid) your potential what’s the main reason(s)?

when you front step your potential what’s the main reason(s)?

Find the answers to these two (for you).

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