Front Side

Came across this term and really like it… “Front Side Focus.”

Here is how Mark Divine describes it…

“Maintaining a front-sight focus has a calming and confidence-building effect…simply engage one target at a time and not shift focus …This is far more effective than trying to engage multiple targets (or worry about them at the same time!).

Okay, so let’s deconstruct that.

Pick one, focus on it and only once you’ve crushed it move on to the next target.

“Ultimately, all great successes follow this exact process: Identify a goal, and then achieve it by knocking down one target after another, each one the right target for that shot. When you learn to do this with the focus and precision of a SEAL, understanding which targets to engage and how to avoid distractions, your success will skyrocket...”

Let’s script that.

Imagine waking up each day and once awake you gain clarity. In your clarity you identify one goal, one main goal towards your potential that is achievable that day, that contributes towards your potential. You go further. You take that goal and you break it down into smaller targets. You still don’t stop there. You sequence those smaller daily targets of potential in order of priority and then you apply ‘front side focus’ to each and every single one of them - one at a time…until it’s done.



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