Freedom + discipline

At the time of writing this we have a six year old daughter.

Her name is Saoirse, Gaelic Irish meaning ‘Freedom’.

We deliberately choose this name for her and one which over time seek to cultivate and have her cultivate.

Here’s the kicker…

Your name does not need to mean freedom for you to increase it.

Check this out…

“I can choose freedom, and if I choose freedom enough times, my life becomes better than good. It flies out there *beyond* good.”

~ Steve Chandler

Ever heard the saying ‘with discipline comes freedom’?

What’s a ‘freedom’ choice you can make today?

What discipline (on your part) is required for you to fulfil that choice?



P.s. No need to launch for something lofty right now. Just something within arms reach that requires a bit of a stretch.

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