Formulas + principles

Whether you study maths in depth or not consider how formulas can help ya.

You can liken formulas to rules of thumb or boiled down principles that can show you what works (for you) and what does not.

Requires reflection and thinking (on your part) which is important cos than you get to tailor your wisdom based on your own experiences and not somebody else’s alone.

Check this out from Stone…

“What is important to you is that you reduce to a formula, preferably in writing, the principles you learn from your successful experiences and failures, in whatever activities you may be interested.” (Stone)

I don’t necessarily agree that you need ‘reduce’ everything down to a formula. I do think though you can pull out ‘lessons’ that you can take forward and continually reflect on.

Call em your own ‘principles of potential’ if you will.

I’ll give you a few here unique to my own context…

If we put the kids to bed on time they get a good night of sleep and wake up for the most part well rested and energized.

If I do the same myself and avoid watching or engaging in digital till late I’ll feel the same.

If I pack my gym bag in the car the night before my odds of heading to the gym early in the am are extremely high.

If spend time each day honouring the activities which inspire me the most + relation to my own potential I’m that much more clearer.

I could go on…but I won’t here!

You get the picture.

Give it a whirl.

See what insights come up for you based on your own experience.



p.s. revisit them regularly and examine your assumptions. They may change over time.

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