Forecast + Broadcast

How far ahead can you see?

As a child my Father would repeatedly say to me year after year…

“When I die, I want you to have a party and celebrate”.

At the time of writing this he’s still very much alive and kicking and rocking it on holiday with my mother in Hollywood (they love travelling all over the world).

It took a bit of time to figure out what he was trying to say and the point stuck.

Akin to this, Covey has an interesting exercise where you are asked to think about what people would say at your funeral.

I’ve tried doing this a few times and it’s interesting.

My trouble with that exercise is that when you are young it’s kinda hard to fast forward to the end of your life and imagine what other’s would say because there is still so much potential ahead for you to live out and experience.

So here’s my take on that remixed.

Imagine your next birthday or celebration or milestone ahead where you have achieved something.

You are sitting at a table with loved ones and or friends. As the celebrations are kicking off at least one person wants to give a speech about you and they want to share what you have accomplished in the last year.

No matter how big or small the accomplishments they describe to everyone sitting there with you the qualities of your character, and the kinds of personal and meaningful goals and challenges that you have realized and overcome.

What words and messages about you would they share with all sitting there?

Now fast forward one year from there and imagine another celebration coming up (in whatever form).

Imagine everyone there once more. What would you like people to say about you?

You’ve got a lot of potential in you and there is power in forecasting ahead.

Don’t be afraid to forecast you potential


don’t be afraid to allow others to broadcast it too.

Forecast + broadcast.



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