Focused Attention

As I’m writing this it’s just shy of 5 am. The boardroom door is closed and the only items in front of me are this laptop and a bottle of water.

Mate, it’s game on!

Check this out…

“The mark of a person who is in control of consciousness is the ability to focus attention at will, to be oblivious to distractions, to concentrate as long as it takes to achieve a goal, and not longer. And the person who can do this usually enjoys the normal course of everyday life.” ( Csikszentmihalyi)

There’s a little bit of background instrumental music in the lounge area next to me but I’m not on that.

I’m on something else…

Concentration + effort towards a long-term goal one step at a time, right here, right now.

After this?

I’ll workout, hang out with a friend, hold a brief consultation, connect with my kiddies and partner, nap, do some errands, gym again and hang out with the fam some more.

All pretty ‘normal’ stuff with three kickers….

Focused attention + knowing when to engage and when to disengage.



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