Focus + focus

One of my favorite things to do recently when unwinding is watch my daughter train martial arts. I just love watching her focus, grit, determination and poise in action.

She is laser focused, present, in flow and fully engaged.

Check this out…

“When you’re in Laser mode, your attention is focused on the present like a laser beam in the moment. You’re in the flow, fully engaged and immersed in the moment. When you’re laser-focused on your Highlight, it feels fantastic—it’s the payoff for proactively choosing what’s important to you.

The word Laser might sound intense, but if you’ve chosen a Highlight and cleared time, there doesn’t have to be anything hard or complicated about it. When you’re doing something you care about and have the energy to focus, Laser mode simply appears.

Unless . . . you get distracted. Distraction is the enemy of Laser mode. It’s like a giant disco ball in the path of your laser beam: Light goes everywhere except in the direction of the target. When that happens, you can easily end up missing out on your Highlight.”

What gets you focused?

What needs focus?

Focus + focus.



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