Flies versus flight

One morning I took two of kids to the laundry room.

When we entered our 6 year old daughter started prancing about and asked if she could wait outside.

Seeing she was feeling a bit uneasy I asked her what’s up.

She said there was something in the laundry room that was gonna bite her.

I asked her to show me where, and still slightly in a state she pointed to the window.

Barely visible was a tiny, tiny fly.

Walking up to the window I said ‘hello little fly, good morning’ and gently cupped it in my hand and said…. ‘look how friendly it is’.

Our 3 year old came closer to inspect with curiosity.

Our 6 year old stayed back cautiously (at first).

Then I let it go.

As the narration carried on the feelings passed, we left the laundry room and the fly carried on being a tiny fly.

As Robertson says “If our emotions are not ultimately determined by external events alone but by our own beliefs and value judgments, then the habit of making healthy and rational

judgments is more valuable to us than anything else.”

Q. Think of an ‘external event’ that perhaps has you out of kilter.

Q. How are you currently interpreting this event?

Q. What’s a healthy and rational judgment you could make about this instead?

If it’s better and has you feeling good + more resourceful keep it.

If not, throw it in the trash and come up with a better belief and value judgment.

How will you know?

You’ll feel more resourceful + optimistic about it.

You can focus on the fly or you can focus on your flight.



p.s which window you looking out of? The one with the fly on it or the one from which you are flying?

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