Flex your imagination

When was the last time you flexed your imagination muscles?

Berns, author of Iconoclast has this to say on imagination.

“Visual creativity—imagination—utilizes the same systems in the brain as vision itself. Imagination comes from the visual system. Iconoclasm goes hand in hand with imagination. Before one can muster the strength to tear down conventional thinking, one must first imagine the possibility that conventional thinking is wrong. But even this is not enough. The iconoclast goes further and imagines alternative possibilities. But imagination is a fickle process, and most iconoclasts have good days, when the ideas flow freely, and bad days, when their thinking is stale and cliché. The good days hold nuggets of insight into the imaginative process.”

Good days or not. You’ve got the capacity to develop your imagination.


So you can foresee alternative possibilities.

Keep flexing that muscle + actively seek solutions to any problems that arise on the way.



P.s. one of the definitions of potential = possibilities. Imagination + potential pair nicely, especially with a dash of pre-emptive problem solving towards solutions.

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