‘Fight -thru’

As you embark on change and transition, what’s the internal dialogue going on?

Let’s say you make a decision to start a new goal.

At first you might be really pumped up and excited.

‘I can do this’ you say.

Then you carry on further and realize its harder than you thought.

This soon follows by ‘it don’t matter if I miss a day’.

Check this out..

“This is the point where ‘I can do this’ turns into ‘This is harder than I thought,’ or, ‘Is it really going to matter if I miss a day’ To make it through to the third phase, when the habit becomes second nature, you need to be able to win two or three of these important fight-thru battles with your yourself.” Selk and Bartlow

Where you at?

You willing to ‘fight – thru’?

What’s the first step to win your ‘fight – thru’ today?



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