Feel Lucky

One morning our daughter (5 years old at the time) woke up, jumped out of bed with zest and said “I feel LUCKY!” With her hands up in the air she was just oozing with enthusiasm.

Luck can often be framed as an external beyond our control type of construct yet interestingly it’s also been researched!

Professor Wiseman has researched ‘Luck’ and devised from those findings some interesting perspectives.

“People are not born lucky or unlucky, but they create much of their own good and bad luck through their thoughts, feelings, and actions.”

From his research he devised four principles of ‘Luck’.

Luck Principle 1: Make the most of lucky breaks

Luck Principle 2: Use your intuition

Luck Principle 3: Harness the Power of Expectation

Luck Principle 4: Turn your luck around

Wiseman says to train you luck consider keeping a luck journal for 30 days. Here’s how that would work…

· Grab some paper and a pen

· Number pages 1-30

· End of each day write down anything you perceived to be lucky

· Think about how any experiences during your day linked with the 4 principles

· Include anything you considered to be lucky for the day

· When you wake up in the morning read your journal entry from the night prior.

"When it come to luck, the future is in your hands. And it starts right now" (Prof. Wiseman).

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