Fail fast technique

I have a dedicated colleague in a particular field that is meticulous with reflection after every single event. He sits down with his team and get’s them to own the ‘win’s + most importantly unpack what went ‘wrong’ and how to do it differently next time.

Here’s another tool you could consider.

Check this out from Syed…

“Another failure-based technique, which has come into vogue in recent years, is the so-called pre-mortem. With this method a team is invited to consider why a plan has gone wrong before

it has even been put into action. It is the ultimate ‘fail fast’ technique. The idea is to encourage people to be open about their concerns, rather than hiding them out of fear of sounding negative.

The pre-mortem is crucially different from considering what might go wrong. With a pre- mortem, the team is told, in effect, that ‘the patient is dead’: the project has failed; the objectives have not been met; the plans have bombed. Team members are then asked to generate plausible reasons why. By making the failure concrete rather than abstract, it alters the way the mind thinks about the problem.

According to celebrated psychologist Gary Klein, ‘prospective hindsight,’ as it is called, increases the ability of people to correctly identify reasons for future outcomes by 30 percent.”



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