We recently took our kids to an annual school concert where they each had their set pieces as part of the play.

It was fancy dress and they both had their costumes on and ready to go.

Like any appreciative parents you love those moments when you see your kids step and do their thing.

Afterwards we asked our six-year-old how it was.

Here’s what she said:

“I looked at the audience and I wasn’t scared and just danced.”

Music to the ears.

Let’s land on a point about expressing your potential…

“Express yourself in as many ways as possible without fear. There is nothing to fear, there is nobody who is going to punish or reward you. If you express your being in its truest form, in its natural flow, you will be rewarded immediately—not tomorrow but today, here and now… (Osho).

You don’t need an annual show, or fancy dress or theme song to step up and do your thing.

You got potential + the ability to express it.

Express it…here and now.



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