Experiment with it

Recently I’ve had an interesting transition involving an adaptation of schedule to inculculate some new plug ins of potential.

As that transition is taking place there are three things happening:

1. Measuring

2. Testing - aka experimenting

3. Reflection

Check this out…

“Testing means experimenting, and as the brilliant business author Dale Dauten says, ‘Experiments never fail.’

Experiments never fail because when you are experimenting you are just as eager to find out what doesn’t work as what does. Whatever you find out helps you grow. There is no failure in that.

Experiments give you a way to play with the universe. They allow you to interact with the real world and get some interesting answers. What works? What doesn’t? Let me try again. This is starting to kick in.” (Chandler)

What’s an experiment you wanna try?

Might it be increased study time?

Might it be going to bed slightly earlier?

Might it be waking up slightly earlier?

Whatever it may be, why not experiment with it?



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